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Pensions – the easy answers to the tough questions

27 July 2016

With the full impact of Brexit yet to be seen the new Chancellor Phillip Hammond will undoubtedly have a challenge like no other Chancellor. The words missed forecasts, lower GDP and National Debt are all words likely to be shouted from the despatch box with regularity in the coming months. This might not be a […]

FTSE100 – Where is it going next?

06 July 2016

At the moment nearly every article and media broadcast mentions the word “Brexit or Brexiter”. My personal challenge was to write an article without mentioning those words. I get asked the same question almost on a daily basis “what next for the markets”. As a financial advisor are we really expected or qualified to answer […]

The Post Brexit World – “the pensions time bomb”

04 July 2016

On the 24th June the UK and possibly the world woke to a new dawn in global politics and global co-operation. The monumental decision and unprecedented political fallout caught many by surprise. Within four hours of the EU Referendum result, David Cameron stepped down. Forty minutes later Nicola Sturgeon was banging the drum for a second Scottish Independence vote […]